Pro Glass


With Pro Glass you can clearly see the advantages you gain through our service and the Lexan® material we use.

Our Service

  • Experience

  • Thousands have chosen Pro Glass windows for their application. We've been in this business since 1983 and we are proud to continue our tradition of providing the highest quality windows to the racing and motorsports industries.

  • We serve YOUR interests

  • We assist professionals for drag racing, road racing, stock car racing, boat racing as well as custom cars, trucks, motorcycles and specialty vehicles.

  • Preformed windows

  • Pro Glass offers the optimum advantage through our thermoforming manufacturing process. This assures you of an accurate and aerodynamic fit. We don't encourage the use of flat stock for any window opening designed for curved, formed windows. Cracks form in the area of the most curve and the window bows in by wind forces. Also, excessive force is put on each mounting fastener (NEVER use pop-rivets!) causing splits. All this adds up to complete window failure! Don't take shortcuts, do it right the first time

  • Our windows are oversized.

  • Every application is a little different so we make our windows oversized allowing you to trim them to fit perfectly. Once final trimmed, your Pro Glass windows will look and fit just as if your vehicle rolled off the factory floor or out of a custom builder's shop. We can also trim windows to a specific size if you're not comfortable doing it.

  • Added protection.

  • Before shipment, all windows have a thick durable vinyl coating applied to prevent damage during shipment and installation. After installation, you easily peel this coating off to reveal your new windows.

  • Fast order and delivery.

  • All windows are made to order and you'll usually get them within one week to ten days. We've found that when we talk to our customers they get the best windows possible for their project (plus we'd like to meet you). We can recommend the best application, e.g. best thickness or installation instructions for your vehicle.

Advantages of Lexan®

  • Toughness

    Lexan® offers the highest impact strength of any transparent glazing product. Lexan® is 250 times the impact strength of glass and 30 times that of acrylic.

  • Mar resistance

    Lexan® coated sheet is a two-sided hard-coated polycarbonate material that offers excellent optical clarity and abrasion resistance. The other guys apply their mar resistant coating in-house and it shows. If you ever painted anything and saw the dust go into the paint, you know what we mean. The coating for Lexan® is applied in the factory under strict dust-free quality control conditions and NO material leaves with any crud in it. The difference between Pro Glass is and the other guys is clear.

  • Lightweight

    Using Lexan® carries a substantial weight savings over the use of ordinary glass.  For example, a 1/4” thick square-foot of Lexan® weighs 1.56 lbs in comparison to 3.2 lbs for glass.  With Lexan® you can use thinner material than the original glass. For example, an 1/8” Lexan® window can sometimes be used to replace a 3/16” glass application.

  • Approved

    Many sanctioning bodies have endorsed the use of polycarbonate products. These include: NHRA, IHRA, NASCAR, SCCA, ARCA, CART and many more. Please check with your sanctioning bodies for updates to the rules for your class or series.

  • Flexibility

    The ability to customize your project is not dependent on your ability to find a window that will fit it. With Lexan® we can build the window to fit your needs. This leaves you with more opportunity to create whatever you want.

  • Choice of window thickness

  • Pro Glass offers windows in the following thickness:

    1/8" (.118" nominal).
    3/16" (.177" nominal).
    1/4" (.236" nominal).

    The thickness you choose will depend on the application, window size, supporting structure, wind force and more. Contact Pro Glass for help choosing the best thickness to use.

  • Tinted Lexan® available

  • For a true custom look, you can choose our "bronze" colored Lexan for your side or back windows or for windscreens. Call for a free sample.

    Call 1-630-553-3141 to order or for more information.