Pro Glass

Flat Windows

At Pro Glass our specialty is formed Lexan® windows however, you don’t always need a formed window. For example, a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air has FLAT side glass from the factory. In this application there are not stresses that cause these windows to fail and break because the opening is designed for a flat piece of glass.

At Pro Glass we are more than happy to sell you flat stock material.  However, if you are planning to use it for a curved window opening, you're better off using a curved window to begin with.

Many try installing flat stock in window openings by screwing it down as they bend it across. Doing this puts undo pressure on the window before you go down the track. The screws aren't only used to hold it down, but it also has to hold its shape. Flat stock wants to stay flat. By trying to bend it, especially over severe bends, stress cracks can form in the area of the bend. Also, the window can easily split near the mounting points. It also doesn't have a natural curved shape to withstand wind forces. All this shortens the life of your windows.

You're not saving money when your windows don't last long. Using a formed window that's mar-resistant is the best way to go.

Don't take shortcuts, do it right the first time.

Also, if you need your side windows to be roll ups, we make these too!  Our side windows are normally oversized for screw mounting, but we can make your side windows to fit your car's factory roll up mechanisms with all the necessary holes.

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