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Formed Windows

Pro Glass is best known for its preformed Lexan® windows. Here's some reasons to consider Pro Glass for your next set of windows:

  • We use the BEST mar-resistant Lexan®.

  • Pro Glass only uses mar-resistant Lexan® with the protective coating applied at the factory. This ensures the optics of your window is superior. Others try to apply their own protective coating to make money on this step, which introduces dust, inclusions and an uneven finish in the windows. With a factory applied coating you get a crisp, clear window. The difference between Pro Glass and the competition is clear!

  • Formed windows are better.

  • By forming the window into the factory curved shape it becomes stronger preventing it from bowing in under strong wind forces. Formed windows also look better, and they fit better which even allows you to mount them the way the factory intended, e.g. adhesives or rubber seals.

  • We make windows for most race cars.

  • We have patterns for most popular race cars. If we don't have it, we can make windows from your existing set of windows or patterns.

  • Our windows are oversized.

  • Every application is a little different so we make our windows oversized allowing you to trim them to fit perfectly. Once final trimmed, your Pro Glass windows will look and fit just as if your vehicle rolled off the factory floor or out of a custom builder's shop. We can also trim windows to a specific size if you're not comfortable doing it.

  • We sell single windows or complete kits.

  • Kits include the windshield, rear, quarter, door and vent windows!

  • A choice of window thickness.

  • Pro Glass offers windows in the following thickness:

    1/8" (.118" nominal).
    3/16" (.177" nominal).
    1/4" (.236" nominal).

    The thickness you choose will depend on the application, window size, supporting structure, wind force and more. Contact Pro Glass for help choosing the best thickness to use.

  • Tinted Lexan® available.

  • For a true custom look, you can choose our "bronze" colored Lexan for your side or back windows or for windscreens. Call for a free sample.

  • Added protection.

  • Before shipment, all windows have a thick durable vinyl coating applied to prevent damage during shipment and installation. After installation, you easily peel this coating off to reveal your new windows.

  • Fast order and delivery.

  • All windows are made to order and you'll usually get them within one week to ten days. We've found that when we talk to our customers they get the best windows possible for their project (plus we'd like to meet you). We can recommend the best application, e.g. best thickness or installation instructions for your vehicle.

  • Tech tip-Don't use flat stock to replace a formed window.

  • Taking a piece of flat stock and bending it to fit a window opening designed for a formed window is a recipe for disaster. Cracks form in the area of the most curve and the window bows in by wind forces. Also, excessive force is put on each mounting fastener (NEVER use pop-rivets!) causing splits. All this adds up to complete window failure! Don't take shortcuts, do it right the first time.

    Call 1-630-553-3141 to order or for more information.
Don Garlits Electric Dragster

"Big Daddy" Don Garlits is shown here getting ready to drop down his Pro Glass canopy for a match race with Darrell Gwynn in the “Garlits vs. Gwynn: Match Races for a Cause” project that kicked off in Gainesville, Florida on March 11th. Garlits and Gwynn created electric versions of the dragsters they once raced for this series. Pro Glass is an Associate Sponsor for this cause that will continue throughout the summer including the U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis, the NHRA Finals in Pomona, California and other NHRA events. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation’s Mission is to provide AWARENESS, PREVENTION, SUPPORT and ultimately a CURE for Paralysis.

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Some of the windows Pro Glass has made are the actual factory windows. Pro Glass partnered with Ford Racing on two of their factory race programs. If you're lucky enough to drive the FR500S or the FR500CJ Mustang you will be looking through a Pro Glass window.