Pro Glass


Q.  How do I install my Pro Glass windows?

A.  Unless ordered trimmed, all windows that Pro Glass makes are oversized.  This is because there are many ways windows are installed into race cars. Also, our windows are sprayed with a protective coating to protect the window during shipment and especially during installation. Leave the coating on while you trim your window because it easily peels off when you're finished trimming.  Here in the shop we use a saber or a jig saw with a medium wood blade.  Lexan® is not brittle like acrylic, so it will not shatter when cut and cuts easily with a sabre saw blade.  An important tip! We also recommend you use masking tape to tape off the shoe of your saw. If there is a burr on the shoe you could leave a deep scratch all the way around your new window.  For more detailed installation advice please DO NOT HESITATE to give us a call, we will talk you through it.

Q.  How do I clean and take care of my Pro Glass windows?

A.  All the windows that Pro Glass sells have a mar-resistant coating on them but this does NOT mean that they are scratch proof.  This coating will prevent scratches that would make un-coated plexiglas or acrylic un-useable in a racing application.  Just the process of cleaning will scratch an un-treated window. We recommend using an approved cleaner and soft rags such as our window cleaning kit to clean your Pro Glass windows giving you years of useful life.

Q.  I have a rare car or a car that is modified, do you make windows for my car?

A.  We can make windows for just about ANY vehicle that has windows.  If it is a modified version of a factory car just tell us the difference between the old and the new window opening and we will make the Lexan® window to reflect the modification.  If you are having a custom one-off car built yes, we can also make your windows.  A Lexan® window, at a fraction of the cost of a custom glass window could save you BIG money.  Please call to find out more about what is needed for us to work with you.

Q.  How do I know if I need a 1/8” or 3/16” windshield?

A.  Yes, you have a race car and everyone thinks that their car is going to go REALLY fast.  The truth is that some people will only need 1/8” when some will only use 3/16” from day one.  when you call we will ask you how fast the car will be and we will help you decide what thickness you need.

Q.  Do you sell tinted windows?  Can I have my windows tinted with automotive tint?

A.  We sell a bronze color Lexan® that allows 80% of the light through, it is by no means dark.  If you would like a sample of the bronze material just give us a call.  Your Pro Glass windows can not be tinted with automotive tint.  These films expand and contract at a different rate from the Lexan® and the results will quickly look like a VERY bad tint job.

Q.  Can I get a tinted windshield?

A.  Yes, we can make you a tinted windshield but is it legal for your sanctioning body?  Some will not allow a tinted windshield in the car.  If a customer asks for a tinted windshield we will make sure they know that this may not be legal and we have no responsibility if the car fails the inspection.

Q.  My car came with the other guys windows, can I install Pro Glass windows?

A.  Yes!  Chances are very good that we have made windows for your vehicle model before.

Q.  Your preformed Lexan® windows are pretty expensive, is there a discount?

A.  Yes!  If you buy our windows the first time instead of buying the other guys, finding out that they are inferior and then ordering through us you will save money.  In some cases you can save between 50% - 80%.  Now that is savings!  we say we are the best because we are.  If you want a flat window that has  an inferior coating that will affect clarity and safety by all means go with the other guys. but if you want the best windows that money can buy Go With The Pro!

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