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Pro Glass Lexan® Window Cleaning Kit

Pro Glass has found the best way to protect your investment in a cleaning system. We sell only the best cleaner and micro fiber cloths to keep your Pro Glass surface clean and static free and looking like new.

Our cleaner comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle and cleans dust and dirt and dries clear with no streaks. It's also a static repellant which means your windows stay dust-free for a long time.

The micro fiber detailing cloths are soft and scratch-free which allow you to safely clean your windows and other fine surfaces. They're absorbant, reuseable and washable, and can be used wet or dry. Each micro fiber cloth is 14" x 14."

Each window cleaning kit contains:

1 - 32 ounce bottle of cleaner.
1 - 3-pack of micro fiber detailing cloths.

For just $15.00 plus shipping and handling.

Call 1-630-553-3141 to order or for more information.

*Due to a limited supply, we can only sell window cleaning kits to our window customers.
Lexan Window Cleaning Kits

Pro Glass Window Cleaning Kit.