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Trimmed Windows & Installation

Window Trimming

The other guys out there sell mostly flat stock material. It would be next to impossible to pre-cut a piece of flat material to fit into a car without the car being present. It would need to checked, trimmed and checked again, trimmed again,...  

We're confident that when we trim a window, it will fit right the FIRST TIME!! All we need are the patterns from the original openings.

If you're building a car with roll-up door windows and using the factory hardware, all we'll need is a window from one side of the car. Roll-up side windows must be 3/16” in thickness.


If you are not 100% confident in your installation skills then Pro Glass can install your windows for you. If you're located or traveling near the Chicago area we can trim and install your windows for you at a competitive price.

We have installed windows in hundreds of cars ranging from drag cars to custom Studebakers. You can have your windows installed in just a few hours. If you are from out-of-town we can recommend great places in Chicago to visit while we're installing your windows.

Contact us at 1-630-553-3141 for a price to have your windows trimmed or custom installed in your vehicle.